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UiPath - RPA Developer Advanced Training [ 5 DAYS]

Course Code : HRPU205G

Building on top of the RPA Developer Foundation training, this course explains how to leverage all the functionalities of UiPath Studio through the means of a specially built application that simulates the production environment experience. The module focuses on a hands-on approach that follows the carefully articulated best practices which empower users to build clean and efficient automation solutions.

RPA Developers.

UiPath Professional Developer Level 2

RPA Developer Foundation Training

Understanding of the REFramework; understanding of the UiPath Best practices, ability to build an end-to-end functional and qualitative automation project.

  1. Introduction to UiPAth REFramework
  2. UiPath Orchestrator, understanding how to deploy and trigger a process, understanding how to provision a Robot, understanding Assets and Queues
  3. Automation Scenario 1 - Calculate Client Security Hash
  4. Automation Scenario 2 - Generate Yearly Reports
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04 March 2019 08 March 2019 Singapore