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UiPath - RPA Developer Advanced Training [ 5 DAYS]

Course Code : HRPAU12G

Building on top of the RPA Developer Foundation training, this course explains how to leverage all the functionalities of UiPath Studio through the means of a specially built application that simulates the production environment experience. The module focuses on a hands-on approach that follows the carefully articulated best practices which empower users to build clean and efficient automation solutions.

RPA Developers.

UiPath Course Completion Diploma

RPA Developer Foundation Training

Understanding of the REFramework; understanding of the UiPath Best practices, ability to build an end-to-end functional and qualitative automation project.

  1. Introduction to UiPAth REFramework
  2. UiPath Orchestrator, understanding how to deploy and trigger a process, understanding how to provision a Robot, understanding Assets and Queues
  3. Automation Scenario 1 - Calculate Client Security Hash
  4. Automation Scenario 2 - Generate Yearly Reports
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04 March 2019 08 March 2019 Singapore