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RNA Sequencing & Digital Gene Expression Analysis [ 3 DAYS]

Course Code : BRNAS01G


This 3 day course would provide hands on and theoretical knowledge to the participant about understanding qualitative and quantitative measurement of mRNA sequence data from sequenced and well characterized genomes like human, mouse, drosophila etc obtained by deep sequencing using Illumina Platform.


Research Scholars / Graduate Students / Faculties who are applying or indenting to use deep sequencing approach for mRNA profiling using Illumina Platform.


Basic working knowledge on computer (Preference to be given for those exposed to Linux Operating System).


a) To ensure participant to confidently handle mRNA deep sequencing data at beginner level.
b) To give experience to the participant on performing analysis of mRNA deep sequencing data starting from raw data  quality control till identification of differentially expressed transcripts between two conditions.
c) To enable participant to gain command over linux operating system for analysis of deep sequencing data.
 a) Introduction to deep sequencing of mRNA using Illumina Platform
 b) Experimental Designs and Quality Control measures for a successful mRNA sequencing study
 c) Introduction to Illumina based deep sequencing raw data and its quality control
 d) Alignment of High Quality (QC Passed) raw data to reference genome and its quality control
 e) Qualitative and Quantitative measurement of expressed transcripts
 f) Differential expression profiling of expressed transcripts between two experimental conditions
 g) Various Possible downstream bioinformatics analysis towards discovery and translational research.
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18 February 2019 20 February 2019 Singapore