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Blue Prism - Developer Certification Course (Basic) [ 5 DAYS]

Course Code : HBPB05G

This 5-day course helps the developers learn basic concepts of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Blue Prism features and concepts in depth.  It leads the participants to get certified as Blue Prism Developer.

  • Any programmer interested in learning to develop RPA applications using Blue Prism
  • Professionals who have some programming experience
  • Java, C, and oter programming language  experts

Blue Prism Developer Certification

  • Proficiency in programming.

The course objective is to make the participants understand the basic Blue Prism development and prepare them for the Basic Blue Prism Develper Certification.

•What Is Robotic Process Automation?
•Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation
•Blue Prism Tool Features Comparison (5.0 Vs 6.2)
•Blue Prism Tool Architecture
•Blue Prism Component Architecture
•Blue Prism Installation
•Blue Prism Tool Configuration with Database
• Blue Prism Tool Demo
•2.Process Modeling
• Understanding Process Studio
• Understanding Process Studio Component
• Running a Process
• Basic Skills
• Process Validation
• Decision Stage
• Calculation Stage
• Data Items
• Circular Paths
• Changing run time value
• Set Next Stage
• BreakPoints
• Collections and loops
• Layers of Logic
•2.Process Modeling Advance
• Page
• Page References
• Startup Parameters
• Data item Visibility
• Understanding Error Handling
• Control Room Process Execution
•3•Object Modeling

• Understanding Object Studio
• Understanding Object Studio Component
• Understanding VBO
• Text Automation
• Work Queue
• Files & Folders Automation
• Email Automation
• Advance Window Automation v6.2
• Advance Web Automation v6.2
• Advance Surface Automation v6.2
• Advance Tesseract OCR v6.2
• Control Room Execution
• Other Advance VBO
•4•Advanced Blue Prism
• Understanding Control Room v6.2
• Understanding Blue Prism Resource Client v6.2
• Understanding Web Services v6.2
• Understanding Credentials Manager v6.2
• Understanding Release Manager
• Understanding Case Management
• Understanding Schedulers
• Understanding Log Management
• Understanding System Manager
• Case study walkthrough
• BOT deployment and best practices
• RPA best practices
• Blue Prism Live Project Assignment

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18 February 2019 22 February 2019 Singapore