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Blue Prism - Surface Automation Course (Advanced) [ 5 DAYS]

Course Code : HBPA25G

This 5-day advanced course helps the participants learn advanced Blue Prism development concepts and features.  This course is intended for professionals already developing baisc Blue Prism applications.

  • Blue Prism developers

Not applicable.

  • Basic Blue Prism development experience
  • Blue Prsim certified developers

This course teaches advanced concepts of Blue Prsim.  It enables the participants develop complicated processes using Blue Prsim.


  1. What is Surface Automation?
  2. How does Surface Automation work?
  3. What is technology behind Surface Automation?
  4. Understanding Region Mode
  5. Understanding Region Editor
  6. Region Search Algorithm Explanation

Image Location Method 

  1. Creating an image region
  2. Search Padding
  3. Maximum Search Padding
  4. Mouse clicks

Relative Position Method 

  1. Related region
  2. Multilevel dependencies
  3. Relative position with padding
  4. Relative position with maximum padding

Coordinate Location Method

  1. Creating a basic coordinate region
  2. Obscuring a coordinate region
  3. False positives with a coordinate region

Send Keys and Mouse Clicks

  1. Application Focus
  2. Global Send Keys
  3. Field Focus
  4. Paste from clipboard
  5. Login Action



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Start Date End Date Country Location Register
04 March 2019 08 March 2019 Singapore